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Savings Plans to fit your needs

Whether you are saving for a long term goal like a comfortable retirement or something short-term like a summer vacation, Family Focus Federal Credit Union has a savings plan to fit your needs. Not only do we offer a variety of term accounts, we have outstanding rates! Your money at Family Focus Federal Credit Union is also insured by the strongest of the federal insuring agencies, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Automate your Savings

Systematic savings can also be accomplished effortlessly through payroll deduction or direct deposit. 

Types of Savings Accounts

  • Basic Savings
    When you open a basic savings account, you become a member-owner of the credit union and are eligible to vote on things such as electing our Board of Directors. Basic savings accounts have no monthly fee and a low minimum balance of $5.00.
  • Save to Win Accounts
    Save to Win is designed to help you build strong savings habits and reward those habits with chances to win CASH PRIZES! Every $25 you deposit into this account generates another entry into cash prize drawings. Unlike a traditional lottery, you don't lose anything with Save to Win. All of the money you deposit into the account, plus interest, is yours no matter the outcome of the drawing. Don't miss your chance. Start your Save to Win account today!
  • Money Market Accounts 
    Maintain convenient access to your funds while earning a higher rate of return.  This account is a great place to keep or build your emergency fund.
  • IRA Savings Account
    An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a special tax deferred savings account authorized by Internal Revenue Code section 408. It is a unique and simple way to encourage people to save money for retirement. We offer both IRA savings and IRA share certificate accounts that have a very competitive rate of return. You can choose a Traditional and/or Roth IRA. We also offer a Coverdell (ESA) IRA for future education expenses.
  • Monarch’s Money Club Accounts 
    Members, 12 years and younger, can join the fun of the Monarch’s Money Club. This program will teach good savings habits, while promoting fun and exciting events through out the year. Monarch Kids also have the opportunity to save for gifts and prizes!

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We provide sound financial solutions to assist our members in working towards their financial freedom.