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What is the AIM program?

Aiming for a financial target

If you’ve struggled to make and stick to a budget, pay off debt, or save for a major life event there’s a reason why.  You’ve got dozens of competing priorities for your hard-earned dollar. It’s difficult to figure out the #1 biggest leverage point to focus on first.  Simply put:  It’s tough to focus on all those things that you know you need to do all at once.

Achieving your financial goals

When it comes to identifying where to begin, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.  We have worked individually with members for years, recommending customized solutions to each one.  Recently, we developed a series of questions to identify, what the #1 next step is for a member.  We have taken that little-known process that we did in person and developed a simple online tool that asks the same questions.  So now you can find your next step and get on a path to fixing it right here, right now.

Member Testimonials

Family Focus is so very reliable –I can rely on them for all my banking services . For me, it is a feeling of personal loyalty—and that you cannot find in banks. I am very grateful for that.

- Cindy Miranda
My daughter recently bought a car and the credit union assisted us with the purchase.  She was so happy.  She was actually ecstatic.  I appreciate all that they did for us.  The entire Credit Union team is really family oriented for sure.  My daughter and I feel as though we have family looking after us. 
- Reina Walls

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